The ICIS Customer Research Panel is an exclusive opportunity to partner with ICIS as we work to deliver the best possible customer experience.

What does being on the panel involve?

When you sign up to the panel we’ll invite you to take part in research such as 1-to-1 interviews, short online surveys and discussion groups. Sessions typically last between 30 minutes and 1 hour and are conducted remotely via Microsoft Teams.

If we are conducting research that is relevant to you, we will send you an email inviting you to participate. We won’t contact you more than once a month, and you can choose which research you want to participate in. We know you're busy, so we always schedule research around your commitments.

What do you do with my feedback?

Your participation directly feeds into improvements to the ICIS experience and the development of new ICIS products. For example, we might interview you about the problems you face in your industry so we can develop new services that will generate value for your business.  Or we might ask for your feedback on existing ICIS products or early prototypes so we can improve designs based on your priorities.

What is in it for me?

We know your time is precious. We'll give you a gift card to say thank you every time you participate in research, typically $70 for an interview and up to $25 for an online survey. You'll also get the opportunity to pilot new ICIS products with exclusive beta access to features before they launch.

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  • Do you have any of the following conditions, disabilities or access needs that effect your use of technology?

  • To help ensure we design a digital platform that everyone can use, we conduct research with a wide range of customers including those with disabilities.
  • None
    Partially sighted/vision impairment not corrected by glasses
    Deaf/using BSL as first or preferred language
    Hard of hearing/hearing loss
    Autistic spectrum/Asperger's
    Mental health condition
    Physical impairment
    Wheelchair user/mobility difficulties
    Other (please specify)
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  • Do you use any of the following to make using technology easier?
  • None
    Screen magnifier/colour/font changer (for example Zoomtext)
    Screenreader (for example NVDA or Voiceover)
    Reading/typing assistance software (for example Read&Write)
    Speech to text software (for example Dragon)
    Captions or text to speech software (for example Read Aloud)
    Alternative input devices (for example Eye Gaze, switches)
    Hearing aids
    Other assistive software or hardware (please specify)
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